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7 Best Free Project Management Software For Small Business Owners

 We’re excited to share the top 7 best project management software for small business owners — there’s even one for Mac users. The business world has certainly changed a lot in recent years and the increase in demand for project management software reflects just how far we’ve advanced. We have always known that planning is a great way to begin any project. If you have an idea or a concept you want to develop, then creating a roadmap or a plan is one of the first steps to taking action towards bringing it into fruition.

7 Best Free Project Management Software For Small Business Owners

See your team's work at a glance

In this post, we'll look at a few different options for project management software and templates.

If you're looking for a way to make your team's work more organized, a good place to start is with an improved system of organization. Project management software can make that happen. It's designed to help you keep track of all the moving parts of a project, including who's responsible for the various tasks involved, the status of each step in the process, and when everything is due.

There are a bunch of different options out there for project management software. Some are free, some you have to pay for, some are only available on Windows or Macs… you get the idea. We've compiled a list of our favorite picks at the end of this post!

While project management software is great if you want to manage your workflows in real time (and be able to analyze them after they're done), it's not always necessary—especially if you're just starting out with your first big project. In that case, using templates might be a better way to go about it.

Templates are pre-made documents that guide you through the processes involved in putting together something like a business plan or project proposal. 

Plan, schedule and estimate projects

Here at [company name], we believe collaboration should be easy and fun. We know how hard it can be to get everyone on the same page, which is why we've created our project management software—to make life easier for you and your team. We know you're busy, so we've designed a system that's simple to use and can be accessed from anywhere. Our intuitive interface allows you to plan, schedule, and estimate projects in no time at all.

We also understand that when it comes to project management, one size doesn't fit all. That's why our software is customizable to meet the needs of any team or organization. You can choose from our wide selection of templates or create your own custom templates for managing tasks like planning a wedding, launching a marketing campaign, or developing a new product for the company.

There's no more stressful emailing back-and-forth with your team members; now everyone can see what needs to be done in one place and collaborate in real time without wasting time switching between different platforms or dealing with version control issues.

Keep an eye on your budget

Hey there! Trivial Tasks here with some advice for keeping your budget in check.

Whether you're managing a project for the government or planning an event for your local soccer club, it's important that you keep track of your budget before, during, and after the fact. There are plenty of apps out there to help you do that, but we have a few tips about how to make sure you're using them effectively:

  • Don't assume that your app will automatically update as things change. If you have new costs or new funding comes in, remember to update the app periodically so that your information is constantly up to date.

  • Be sure to include all costs—including re-estimates of current costs—when entering items into the app. Otherwise, you'll be throwing off your predicted numbers, and they won't be as useful to you when it comes time to make decisions.

Streamline communications

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think about project management? If you're like most people, it's probably something along the lines of "overwhelmed," "drowning," or maybe even "hangry."

We've all been there—you have a million things on your plate, and you don't know where to start. Suddenly it's 3:00 in the morning and you're still trying to figure out why this code isn't working, but you can't because you're hungry and tired and all the fast food places are closed.

But what if we told you there was an easier way? What if we told you that instead of staring down your impossibly huge to-do list (that somehow got longer overnight), you could just click a few buttons and take care of everything at once?

Make sure everyone's on the same page

Are you making sure everyone's on the same page?

You can make sure your team is informed and up-to-date on all projects, from conception to completion. It's a free, easy-to-use project management tool that lets each member of your team know what they need to do—and when they need to do it by. You can also easily schedule meetings, share information, and collaborate through. With its simple, user-friendly interface, your team will be up and running in no time!

Work together efficiently

Your business doesn't need to break the bank. We've got an easy-to-use, free project management tool that can help your team work together efficiently, on any operating system.

We know what it's like to be a small business—we used to be one. And we know how hard it can be to find the right tools, especially when you're just starting out. That's why we created our project management software so that anyone can use it, regardless of device or operating system. It's simple and intuitive, too—no complicated learning curve necessary.

Our project management software has all the grids and templates you need for your business plan outline and project proposal document, as well as tons of other helpful features for keeping your team on track. And did we mention it was free? We think your small business deserves tools that empower you to do great things for your clients and customers without breaking the bank.

Get more work done

Are you ready to get more done? There's no better time than now.

Make sure you use the right tools for the job! Our [product name] software was created with your team in mind, so you'll always be on-task, on-track, and in sync.

You'll find all the features and functionality you need to tackle any project—from the most basic to the most complex. Start with a project proposal template and use our project management software to break down your tasks into manageable steps.

Easily keep track of budget, deadlines, and workflow with our project management templates and free project management software. See which team members are handling which tasks so you're never left wondering what happens next.

The best part? Our free project management software is available online 24/7 from anywhere you have an internet connection.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now!

There are many options for project management software that can help you grow your business

As a small business, you've got a lot on your plate. You want to be able to focus on the work, not on managing what needs to get done. Or maybe your current project management system is just too complicated.

Either way, Project Manager for You has you covered. Find the software that works for you in three easy steps:

  1. Pick your project management software type. Are you looking for free project management software? Are you looking for free project proposal templates? Or perhaps you're just looking for a project management proposal template? Maybe you need a project proposal document, or a business plan template? Whatever you're looking for, we can help you find it!
  2. Decide if you're looking for traditional or modern software. Do you want something that syncs with your existing workflows and practices, or are you willing to try something new?
  3. Pick your budget. All of our software is affordable and cost-effective, but how much do you want to spend on making your life easier?

Once we've got these three things down pat, we'll find the perfect program for you—fast!


If you're looking for an easy way to better manage your projects and stay on top of to-do lists, you should definitely look into project management software. You'll be able to see everything you need to accomplish on a single screen, keep important information and files right at hand, and delegate tasks with ease. Plus, new features are being added all the time, making it that much more useful.