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19 questions for your customer before designing the logo

One of the most important steps that must be done in any business, specifically in business identities, is the stage of questions and forming a complete picture of your client’s project or profession. that you have already agreed with your client on the cost, time and other details and that things are perfect to start with,

19 questions for your customer before designing the logo

These questions I update and modify every period, and you should also, it may not fit your work, and you may modify and edit them according to what you find suitable for you, but in general they will help you to fully understand your client’s project and create a good and clear picture to start, I also added a simple explanation under each question to clarify his idea or It's for you, and that's what I do with the client as well, to make sure everything is perfect.

01 - The full name of the business or product

In answering this question, the customer will explain to you how he will write the name of his business or project in both languages, and is there a slug, for example, and is its presence important in the logo or identity?

02 - How to write it or show it in the logo

Will the focus be on the Arab or foreign side in the name of the business, or both cases, and do you prefer a certain way of displaying the text and arranging the Arab and foreign parts in it?

03 - The type or style of the logo

Does your customer want to focus on the icon/icon only - or will they rely on text only - or the symbol and text together? Or do you even have the freedom as a freelancer to choose what is appropriate for his work?

04 - Explain the idea of ​​work in simple words

The answer to this question must explain the summary of the idea of ​​your client's project or company, and what purpose will it achieve from it?

05 - The place or country from which he operates his business

Will the focus of the project or company in the same country as the client be a “local project”, or are there plans for expansion, for example .. or is it not linked to the place from the start?

06 - What makes him need a new logo?

The answer to this question is very important, whether for you as a designer or for your client, the purpose of it is to understand the problem in your old client's logo, if any, and to know the reason for the change.

07 - Who are the competitors?

Who are the competing or similar companies, whether they are foreign or Arab?

08 - What distinguishes you from your competitors

What makes your customer different from them and what is the added value that he thinks of and makes him unique and able to continue?

09 - What is the target group?

Age - material - interests that pertain to it, or in other words the target audience for this project?

10 - The future vision of the project or company?

Will there be different or new products and services, for example, and for how long? The purpose is to keep this in mind while working, as you may use a specific code that conflicts with a specific service or idea.

11 - Slogans he likes

Arab or foreign - your customer prefers it and finds that this style appeals to him, and the goal, whether with this question or the subsequent question to him, is not imitation or imitation, but rather knowing the style of the style he is thinking of adopting.

12 - Slogans he doesn't like

Arab or foreign - he does not like it and may find it unsuitable for him personally before anything else, and if he likes to mention the reason why he does not prefer each example, that would be better.

13 - What effect or message does he want to leave with the viewer?

Does he want to leave the character of luxury and high cost, or vitality and activity, for example, or something else he thinks of?

14 - Is he inclined to a certain style of logo and identity?

(Formal - traditional - modern - modern - simple - complex - carries a hidden idea..)

15 - Any things he might want you to stick to

Things that he may be interested in at work, and it is important, for example, that you stick to them “colors - shapes - or anything else.”

16 - Ideas or suggestions on his mind

Does he have one or more business ideas? And if any, are you bound to implement one of them, for example?

17 - Concerns about the logo and identity

Is your customer afraid of leaving a certain stamp on a segment of people, or that the logo does not appear well in a certain place? Any apprehension or thing he might have about work is very important to share with you.

18 - Uses of the logo

Is it confined to the web - print use - video clips for example - or all of the above?

19 - Links, documents, files

Here, you will need your client to provide you with all the old links related to the work, if you find “the website link - website design, for example, the old logo design .. etc.”