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Advertising on Google for 2022 / 2023

There are a lot of ads that are advertised, through Google, so Google offers customers a lot of ads, whether they are paid ads or ads for SEO, and they are free as there are a lot of customers, who prefer to advertise on Google and this ad is funded by Google Because it is much faster and it is also perfect.

Advertising on Google for 2022 / 2023

The presence of Information Technology, the best Google advertising management company, is one of the specialized companies in Saudi Arabia that offers complete plans for preparing advertising campaigns to achieve the ideal goal of advertising on Google.

We follow up with you step by step all the results through our specialists who have been trained at the highest levels of experience and competence.

Advertise on Google

There are many customers who prefer to advertise for free on Google, because they do not need to pay money. But it is required in this type that the customer has his own page, a site he owns, or also a blog for them. A customer, online store, or other pages, and sites that must be owned, in order to get free advertising from Google.

The goal is to be the owner of any of these pages, websites, blogs or online stores. To appear in the Google search engine, and be on the first page of the target keywords. Where it is considered the treasure that works to achieve a lot of sales and profit as well and thus works to increase customers as well as increase sales.

An example of this is when a customer searches, for example, (web design company) or (address of an e-marketing company) or (the best e-marketing company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), if any customer searches for any of these words. Through the Google search engine, and when you enter your site, this customer will be on the site constantly, until the services of this site are requested.

The only drawback of this type of ads is that you need this type for the availability of the customer's site, and this may need to wait for a long time. So this site is very competitive, relative to many others. Whether it is a competition in the same field, or it is in the same specialty, and all of this leads to the need for an SEO expert, so that you can improve the site a lot.

Create a sponsored advertisement on Google

It should be noted that funded advertising on Google is the most appropriate way to gain customers.

It is also considered one of the fastest ways, because the other free method is very slow, because the customer has to wait from one day up to 12 months for the site to be competitive. It is very powerful, among other sites, to appear quickly in the Google search engine.

If the customer has enough budget to run ads on Google, it is the fastest and most suitable solution as well.

This type depends on a system, and this system is also known as Google Ads. This system is known to be entirely advertising, allowing the customer to create paid ads for Google, in exchange for showing their ads.

Make a sponsored advertisement on Google

The presence of the institution ensures that the paid advertisement, which is funded, appears on the first page of the targeted keywords.

And this is first in the search results on Google, for all searchers, to enter your ad, before entering the competitors' ad. That is, competing sites do not appear at the beginning of a Google search and this is important to you.

It is important to know that if you pay more for your ad, your ad will be exported to Google search listings.

And your ad will appear at the top of the list, compared to competition ads, as this is the biggest drawback of this type is the reliance on the bidding system, the more a customer pays than any other competitor, the more their ads will appear on Google.

Create advertising campaigns on Google

It is known that any customer's advertisement can appear, at the top of the search lists, or at the bottom. Because when a customer searches for any topic, four ads appear, which top the search list in Google.

It is performed to determine the position of the advertisement on the page, based on several factors in order for it.

The most important factors that determine media appearance in search listings are bid price, auction time, ad quality, and the most important is click-through rate. ?

And also the minimum ad rank and search context used.

It should be noted that the minimum ad request limits must be met, in order for the ad to appear in the search lists. These are geolocation, device, search time, search terms, and other ads.

And the search results found on the page, as well as other user signals, all features, as well as the expected effect of plugins.

So you should know that all the ads that appear at the top of the search lists often have a higher CPC, compared to the ads that appear at the bottom of the search results lists.

How to improve advertising on Google

The presence of Information Technology provides its expertise in advertising on Google, which is how to qualify for your ad, so that it appears in the highest position.

It also offers many tips to its customers, and one of the most important of these tips is that you should work to improve your ad rating.

That is, you should work to include a lot of information, relevant to your ad, that should also relate to the business.

It improves the click-through rate of the expected appearance, and also works in creating ads. It should also contain multiple plugins, for example sitelinks.

And the second tip, which should focus on the relevance of the topic, as you must make sure that all the ads are appropriate, as well as the landing pages that customers are always looking for.

If your ads are not relevant they are shown, but those ads will not get the required amount of clicks,

And the third tip you should continue to compete with your offer, the customer should bid higher, and compare the prices of other competitors. Monitor the results of the campaign.

Features of the presence of information technology

In the recent period, many e-marketing companies have expanded, providing various services, including creating advertising on Google.

Tawajoud for Information Technology is considered one of the best leading companies in this field.

Because we are distinguished by the presence of a professional, trained and specialized team in everything related to e-marketing.

From managing and creating various advertising campaigns on Google and social media platforms.

Designing ads, writing content, optimizing search engines, creating visual content through video and animation…

This is because the team of Tawajud for IT is always looking for all the regular updates that Facebook makes on the Facebook Ads platform as well as updating Google regarding sponsored ads.

And all the news in the field of e-marketing in general. All our comprehensive advertising work and campaigns are carried out by a group of experienced professionals in the field over the years.

We also provide our e-marketing services through a search engine optimization (SEO) expert who specializes in SEO so that the site appears on the first pages of different search engines.

We offer a large number of offers and discounts to all our customers in the Arab world. In most cases, our prices are suitable for everyone and are not exaggerated.

Advertising campaigns on Google

The presence of the Information Technology Foundation is concerned with the quality of advertising on Google, as there are many components related to the quality of the ad rating. It is in many different ways, and the most important of these is ad auction eligibility, which helps in ad quality metrics, which is to determine the lowest ranking order for the ad to appear.

Also the most important of these components and methods is the actual cost per click, as you know that higher quality ads lead to lower cost per click, as well as ad position. How high quality ads work, in placing ads, which are of higher quality.

The importance of advertising on Google

If you think that Google only allows you to create ads on the search engine results page. You do not see the whole picture, there are many places that Google provides for you to place your ads, including:

  • Advertising in the form of promotional emails that you can show to everyone with a Gmail account.
  • Advertisements in the form of images or short videos on various websites.
  • Ads on YouTube.
  • Ads on the famous search engine Google.
  • Ads in Android apps.

Advertising is about putting your product or service in front of the right person at the right time. Google is the most used website in the world by many statistics.

More than 3.5 billion searches are made on Google every day, and this is different from YouTube and other Google platforms and products that you can use to promote.

This means that whatever service or product you want to promote, Google will allow you to reach those interested in it anywhere in the world.

Successful advertising campaigns on Google

There are many possibilities that most advertising platforms in the world do not provide, which Google provides to advertisers, for example, advertising on Google allows you to:

  • Target specific keywords to place your ads.
  • Place your ads in front of a specific group of people according to (age - gender - interests - geographic location).
  • You can also select specific sites or videos to place your ads.
  • You can retarget your visitors to save on advertising costs.
  • Google also provides you with the best tracking and analysis tools to test the results of your ad campaigns.
  • Google relies on various artificial intelligence techniques to collect data and present it to advertisers.
  • Google wants to provide a strong user experience.

What are the types of advertising on Google?

The first type is: Search network Ads

This type is intended for text ads that appear to the user in any search engine owned by Google, such as: a normal Google search. Search in Google Maps. Search on youtube.

The second type: Google Display Network

This type is intended to show your ads on sites and places that are exclusively owned by Google or have partnered with their owners to place ads on them.

There are many sites in the world that allow advertisers to place ads on them, and this is what Google has taken advantage of, as it has built a wonderful platform that regulates the relationship between the advertiser and the publisher, so that each of them guarantees your right. .

The third type: Google Shopping Ads

This type is for electronics stores that can put different products and some information about them in front of anyone looking for those products.

Fourth type: Video Ads

Video ads are considered one of the best and most important ads that marketers trust, as the giant Google owns YouTube, which is the largest video search engine in the world.

Marketers and business owners had to tap into this large audience with targeted video ads.

Fifth type: Universal App

This type is for ads on the Android network that has millions of apps and many people use them.

You can also promote your own app, or you can place some ads in certain apps or target a specific audience.

All of these places, whether owned by Google (Gmail - YouTube) or their owners allow Google to place ads on them, such as sites, applications, and owners of various YouTube channels.

It allows you to reach new customers through advertisements in many ways, and this is one of the biggest reasons marketers and business owners rely on Google Ads to promote various products and services.

The work of funded advertising on Google

Advertising on Google displays ads to interested people and potential customers based on two principles:

Bidding... and quality.

Each advertiser makes offers for keywords to appear in the first results in various search results, or to appear on the appropriate pages of websites or videos, depending on the type of advertising campaign.

In fact, you are not the only one who is advertising in a specific field or about a specific product, and here comes the role of the Google Ads platform in determining the ad that deserves to appear in the first results.

Everyone who wants to take advantage of this keyword (or video - or site) creates their own ad (text - image - video ad) and then puts it in Google Ads and places their bid amount.

Based on the above, for Google Ads platform to choose and rank ads, it depends on two things:

  • Bid value for each advertiser.
  • Quality Score for each ad.

In the end, in order to get the benefits from advertising on Google, contact us at the presence of the Information Technology Corporation through the numbers shown on the site.

Where we create an integrated and comprehensive advertising campaign funded advertising on Google, and our e-marketing team monitors advertising on Google and presents the results to customers.

This is in contrast to the information and strategies that every marketer and business owner needs. We offer you all our experiences in e-marketing and advertising on various social media platforms, and your criticism of all our customers in the Arab world, a web design service and making important motion graphic offers for each company.

We also follow the sites through our SEO expert to work on improving the site to be compatible with the different search engines.

Everything we offer is unmatched competitive prices that suit everyone, so do not hesitate and contact us.