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Earn money by watching ads | Earn $15 a day for beginners

Hello visitors to the Arab tech blog, in today’s explanation we will present, how to earn money from watching ads, by providing the best sites and programs, profit from honest ads 2021, and earn money online, especially for beginners, to earn watching advertising videos on the phone or computer with proof of withdrawal.

Earn money by watching ads | Earn $15 a day for beginners

How to make money from the Internet by watching ads? Or ways to earn money from watching advertising videos. This is one of the ways or things that many who want to make money from the honest Internet, especially beginners in the field of profit from the Internet, think that making money from watching ads or watching video ads to profit from The Internet is not honest and it cannot be profited from, but the truth is the exact opposite. There are many people who have been able to earn money by watching ads easily.

Of course, there are several programs to earn money from the Internet, including earning money through e-marketing with commission, listening to songs, or earning money by playing new games, and some of them offer you the possibility of winning financial prizes or winning smartphones 2021 for free, such as winning the latest iPhone 12 Pro or iPad 2021, But most of these methods require some experience, unlike earning a dollar from watching ads that only require you to watch the ad to earn money, in other words, watch the ad and earn money.


It is true that the way to earn money from watching a video is not the best way to earn money from the Internet, as is the case in other ways to profit, such as commission marketing or profit by subscribing with online stores (affiliate), because the profits are relatively few compared to other ways to earn money from the Internet. , but it is considered a suitable option to earn money, especially for beginners to take a look at another field of profit from the Internet.


So today in this explanation we will present to you how to earn money from watching ads, in addition to knowing how to earn money or the most appropriate ways to profit from watching videos and ads through the best profit sites from watching ads on the Internet, in addition to profit programs from watching ads on the phone.

Explanation of earning money from watching ads

Profit from watching the ad simply because there are websites that make ads for different companies, products or projects, and when you watch this ad and interact with the existing ad, the website will make money, in addition to giving you part of the money, of course the profit percentage varies from the other depending on the company or site You can also withdraw money through many methods, the most famous of which is PayPal, so we will learn in this explanation about the best profit sites from watching honest ads online that do not require you to capital to start with.

How much can I earn from watching ads

The profit from watching advertising videos varies from one site to another according to the percentage of profits that it provides in addition to the withdrawal methods, which is the most important step to start making money from the Internet, of course for each advertisement there is a certain profit as there are sites that earn money from watching ads that offer a percentage of profits Large and few, but relatively when working with many sites, and watching a larger number of ads, you can earn about 15 at least per day.

How to make money by watching ads

Of course, there are a lot of profit sites from watching ads that provide you with many paid ads that you can earn money for watching, in addition to the fact that there are sites that offer you the possibility of doubling profits by profiting from opinion polls and performing tasks or by spinning the wheel and earning money that you can accomplish And earn money.

The best sites to earn from watching ads

If you are ready to start working and earning, here are the best sites to profit from watching ads.

1. Earntub Website

This site is different from any other site that has a very short and simple interface so that it is not difficult for the visitor to use it, so that this site allows you to watch ads and profit by watching advertising videos, of course all videos do not exceed 34 seconds and this is what distinguishes the site from the rest of the sites Profitability, which is that the site in one minute can easily earn more than $2, because it is considered the best way to profit from watching ads, and it also offers you several different videos so that the videos are not boring for people, including comedy videos, cinematic videos, various videos, films and several videos You will find it inside the site, and each video differs from the other in terms of earnings, depending on the type of advertisement or video that was watched.

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks brings you. One of the easiest ways that enables you to earn money from the Internet by watching videos only, you can earn money by watching various and changing videos daily, and what distinguishes this site from the rest of the profit from watching ads is that it offers you several types to watch. 

Videos such as world news, comedy videos, sports events, and several various video clips so that the site is not boring for some, and the site offers a high percentage of profits in return for watching ads, in addition to the fact that the site offers you the possibility of doubling profits in exchange for browsing the Internet or through surveys and opinion polls Or perform certain tasks or even through online shopping.

3. InboxDollars website

Many of us have heard before about the InboxDollars site, this site is known in the field of profit from playing games to improve graphic design, game design and development to profit from games, but the site has been developed more so that it provides many ways that enable you to profit from the Internet, and from Including profit from watching videos, if you want a quick and easy way to earn money from watching videos, this site is the most appropriate and true for you, you can earn more than 15 dollars a day when you start and make more profits by watching advertising videos on this site and when you reach the minimum From the profits, you can withdraw money as soon as you reach the required amount, and it also provides many payment methods to withdraw profits from the site, the most important of which are (Paypal - bank transfer - transfer to Bitcoin).

4. Clixblue website

Clicks Blue is a free site that offers you the possibility of making money from the Internet by watching ads. The site also offers you several ways to earn money through this site. Of course, profits vary according to viewing the advertisement, including watching short ads, including watching regular ads, and interacting with the advertisement, When can you double the profits by inviting friends through the special referral link on the site, and when you reach the minimum, you can withdraw money through the site through a bank such as PayPal.

5. Make Easy

The Make Easy application is considered the best application for profit from watching ads, which was released in 2020, where you can profit in a basic way by watching ads and earning money immediately on each ad. Bitcoin, and you can multiply profits from other ways, such as profit by inviting friends, or profit from performing tasks such as downloading applications and programs, in addition to that the program makes instant profit contests every week that reach a profit of $1,000.